Paradise Catering in Houston

 "I have used Chef James Nakayama & Paradise Catering Services numerous times for   Dr.’s Office lunch meetings. He always provides great food and timely service. He   also readily handles special diets like vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. Several of   the Doctors request his food regularly. They really like the Pecan Chicken as well as   the Asian and vegetarian choices. I have also referred him to several colleagues."

 Jeff Lopez, Executive Sales Associate Neuroscience Franchise,

 Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

  "Our office used Paradise Catering for several luncheons.  The   sandwiches were delicious, the delivery was flawless, and the   customer service was exceptional."  Paradise Catering in Houston

 Dr. Laji James, Pediatric Dentist

 "We have used Paradise Catering Services for several small, intimate plated   dinners and a larger holiday hors d’ oeuvres party. The food from Chef James   Nakayama is always an exceptional balance of flavors and textures, served   with an artistic presentation. The service from Horlando Duque and staff is   always seamless. They have consistently covered a wide variety of special   dietary needs and are well adept at resolving any contingencies that can occur."

Mr. Kurt and Dr. Michelle Lyn 

 "We have used Chef James Nakayama & Paradise Catering Services several times for   office lunch meetings. He always provides delicious food and great service. Chef James   is a culinary artist and accommodates special diets like vegetarian and vegan. In fact,   we collaborated on a special menu for our office that he now uses for other lunches that   require more healthy options. We especially like the Miso Salmon and Mango-Edamame-   Quinoa Salad. In fact, I could eat the quinoa salad everyday and not get bored. It’s   THAT GOOD with its combination of complimentary & contrasting flavors,   colors and textures."

​ Karen Persely BA, R, EPT, CNIM Fort Bend Neurology